Thursday, April 2, 2015

Running interference when you are old

This is another selection from my book Prayers of an Omega.  At my age it seems as if there is little one can do for children and grandchildren.  But there is!  Join me in running interference for our children.

Running interference when you are old
Pray continually (1 Thess.5:17)

God, coach of my team, tonight I’m running interference. It’s hard work. My feet are tired, my heart is pounding, and my breath comes short. It looks as if the offense is going to get the ball and run with it unless I help stop them. I want the children to win this game.

The children of this world seem much too  young to do battle with what their eager eyes see, their open ears hear, their ready mouths taste, their inexperienced bodies feel, and their vulnerable minds are encouraged to imagine.

The bright promise of instant happiness, overpowering thrills, and quick money dances temptingly before them. The world invites them to become gluttons of its colorful display of experiences. It encourages them to waste their talents on selfish concerns.

Satan’s got the ball and is running to the goal line with it. And he scores far to often. With the young girl who was bored with school and ran away from home. With the young boy who couldn’t resist finding out what it felt like to be really high. With the college student who has decided that making more money than his father did is a significant goal.

And so I intercede for them, Giver of all good gifts. Cleanse their ambitions. Help them to learn to play the game of life well.

Remind them to put on the shoulder pads of faith and love before they leave for school each day. May the hope of salvation be their helmet to protect them in head-on crashes with the enemy.

May they remember their Creator in the days of their youth. May you become their coach and the owner of their team, guiding them through this difficult passage to the end zone. Let them not be afraid of hard work – or failure.

Give me endurance to run interference for them daily. I am older. I am more experienced. I know the wiles of the enemy a little better. I’ve played the game of life much longer. Answer my prayer for these children.

In  your holy name, Lord  Jesus, I pray. Amen.